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Brock Banks debuts at CockyBoys and fucks Ty Mitchell


CockyBoys: We’re excited to welcome super-hot, charismatic Brock Banks, making his studio debut with CockyBoys..with Ty Mitchell doing the honors in this condom-free scene ! There’s powerful sexual chemistry between the guys as they go from witty banter to passionately romantic making out. And once Brock reaches around and fingers Ty’s butt hole, Ty gets Brock’s thick uncut cock out to hungrily suck him to full erection.

Brock lies back and vocally luxuriates in Ty’s mouth and tongue work on his veiny shaft and foreskin and deep-throating. But Brock is hungry too and gets Ty to sit on his face so he can slobber on his hole. Ty watches himself in the mirror as he rides Brock’s mouth but when he turns around & sees his cock he just has to start sucking it again. They dissolve into a full 69 but Brock really wants Ty’s hole.

They both turn around and watch themselves in the mirror as Ty slides down on Brock’s cock and rides him deep. Soon Brock thrusts up into Ty as he rides him they’re both turned on by the sight and sensation. They’re almost caught up in it all until Brock takes charge. He bends over Ty and rims his ass then gets up on the bed to plow him..and they both can watch it in the mirror. Brock gives Ty’s hole a break..but only for a bit.

Brock puts fucks Ty from behind, taking his time with deep focused thrusts. He then then turns him over on his back to finish him off. When Ty starts to shoot his load Brock bends in to get as much in his mouth then comes over to Ty and feed it right back to him. After sharing a cum-swapping kiss Brock lies on his back to shoot a literal geyser of cum that flies over Ty’s head in addition to splattering his face. Ty sucks up what’s left from Brock’s sensitive cock and they share one more sweet kiss.

Watch Brock Banks bareback Ty Mitchell at CockyBoys



Date: August 16, 2019