Sean Cody
Noir Male
Next Door Studios
Family Cuckolds
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Dacotah Red gets fucked by Donte Thick at Next Door Studios


Next Door Studios – “Fetish Tales: Roofer Exhibition”: One look at roofer Donte Thick has Dacotah Red creeping from his kitchen, trying to steal a peek of Donte’s hot bod as he works. Failing to see anything good from his window, Dacotah sneaks up the ladder, only to find Donte waiting to let him sneak up his pole. Dacotah accepts the invite and joins Donte on the roof, and the temperature gets hot immediately, and not because of the sun! Donte and Dacotah take turn deep throating each other before Dacotah takes a rooftop ride on Donte’s dick, fulfilling his lust and hoping no one in neighborhood catches them!

Watch Dacotah Red bottom for Donte Thick at Next Door Studios


Date: November 7, 2019