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John Hawkins fucks Johnny B’s bare ass at Active Duty


Active Duty: Johnny B couldn’t wait any longer after the intro and his mouth was all over John Hawkins’ huge cock. Johnny took every inch deep into his mouth gagging and slurping John’s big shaft. Big John’s dick is hard and ready and Johnny wants him to take it slow as he slowly pushes his huge manly cock into that tight hole. Johnny squirms and tightens up but John reassures him that he will go easy on him. Johnny can’t believe his little hole engulfed that big throbbing cock. Once balls deep John took that tight ass to town making Johnny know that a new elite is in town and the war will rage on. John moves in for the kill and once Johnny is on his back he pulls his raw cock out and strokes his warm nut out onto Johnny’s smooth chest. Johnny keeps stroking his dick until he finally blasts his warm load all over himself.

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Date: November 2, 2019