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Nate Grimes dives fist deep into Niko Reeves


Fisting Central : Nate & Niko – part 2. Office intern, Niko Reeves, wants to impress his boss, Nate Grimes, but when Nate gets aggressive with his pursuit of the intern, Niko gets uncomfortable. Niko, the hopeful employee will do anything to get hired and decides to go along with whatever the boss wants. When Nate finally gets Niko alone in his office, he bends him over the desk to see just how much the intern can handle. Nate gets Niko out of his clothes and shoves his massive cock down Niko’s throat. Niko is receptive to the advances, so Nate takes it a bit further and rims Niko’s ass to lube it up before shoving his dick inside. Nate fucks Niko over the desk, opening him up and getting him prepared for what he’s about to experience next. Nate dips his gloved hands into a vat of lube and inserts his fingers into Niko’s soon-to-be-ruined hole. He works on the intern to get his ass nice and loosened up, starting slowly at first and quickly working his fist in wrist deep. Nate loves the feeling of a gaping tight ass and keeps up the pace as he stretches Niko to the max. After getting his hole absolutely wrecked, Niko needs to blast a load. He lies back on the desk, and with his boss’s fist still planted deep in his ass, Niko lets loose and unleashes a geyser of jizz to cap off his newest office duties.

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Date: March 15, 2018