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Airport security officer Miro Dalek fucks Igor Uganec at Str8Hell


Str8Hell – “Airport Security”: Miro Dalek in the guy in charge of Airport Security today. He is at his desk when Igor Uganec arrives to report some lost luggage. Miro examines his id and checks on the computer for the luggage. He explains the problem of too much alcohol in the luggage, which is not permitted. He tells Igor to sit on the sofa while he completes the necessary paperwork. Then he comes up with an idea of how to resolve Igor’s situation. That clearly involves Miro getting some sex. He takes Igor’s hand and rubs it over his crotch, telling him to do it or he will go to jail. Igor’s hand is made to feel Miro’s dick. Then Miro pulls the cock out and shoves it into Igor’s mouth. Igor sucks the cock, his head being pushed back onto the cock each time he takes it away. Then he has to wank and suck the cock. Miro’s cock is rock hard as he fucks it into Igor’s mouth. As he enjoys the sucking of his cock Miro strips off. He pulls Igor’s head onto his throbbing cock as he fucks the mouth. With Igor now being compliant Miro decides to fuck his ass. He turns him over and pulls down his pants, exposing his sexy ass. Miro’s dick pushes against the hot hole, and slides deep inside. Miro spanks the ass a few times as he fucks it deep, stretching the hole wide. His cock pounds Igor’s hot as hard as he can, with his balls slapping against it too. Pulling out he rams his dick back into the hole and keeps fucking. His big, fat, cock goes all the way into Igor’s ass. Then Igor his naked and on his back with his legs in the air, so that Miro can fuck him some more. The big dick bangs away at Igor’s hole as he wanks himself. His dick is rock hard as he wanks, feeling the cock pounding his hole. With his hole being stretched wide Igor’s wanking gets faster and faster until he dumps his cum, shooting it up his chest and over his body. Miro continues fucking that hot ass until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out and wanks the cum out over Igor’s face. He takes the sticky cock into his mouth and sucks it again to clean it off, then he is allowed to leave.

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Date: October 11, 2018