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Pierce Paris raw-fucks Nic Sahara at

0% – “Deepthroat Challenge”: Hot and horny Nic Sahara finds the very handsome Pierce Paris alone with some rather large bananas. Nic proceeds to get Pierce’s attention by inserting one deep down his throat! Not to be outdone, Pierce grabs the other banana and deepthroats it in a single shot, leaving Nic astounded. Wanting to keep this little game of show and tell going, Pierce brings out his dildo and asks Nic to throw it at him and, being the pro that Pierce is, he catches the dildo with his mouth without a sweat. Brimming with ideas, Pierce oils up a yoga mat and has Nic slip and slide until Pierce’s massive cock is in the back of Nic’s throat! Pierce effortlessly slides on an oiled up Nic, which makes for an ingenious way for a big dick blowjob. The two sexy hunks deepthroat each other in a myriad of positions, best of all in 69, until Nic is ready to ride Pierce’s beautiful cock raw. Pierce then flips Nic upside down and continues to plow his eager ass thoroughly until the two sweaty studs release their loads onto each other.

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Date: October 25, 2019